The “In my opinion… Young people for a healthier future!” campaign has come to an end

During the 2021/22 academic year, on the Facebook page of APPLiA Hungary, we featured one of our winning “In my opinion” students and their work every week, and displayed the current page of our “In my opinion calendar” as our cover photo.



In the course of the school year, we analyzed the following subjects with the students: in September we called attention to the importance of exercise, in October we put the challenges of healthy eating under the microscope. November was about water consumption, while December was the month of allergy in the “In my opinion” campaign. In January we reflected on addictions and in February on stress. In March and April, the focus was on the correlation of environmental protection and health challenges: first by highlighting the issue of environmental pollution, then the challenges of climate change. In May, the emphasis was on disease prevention, and finally in June, on the importance of resting. We would like to thank the students for applying to the tender and sharing their thoughts with us.

We would like to thank the teachers and parents for supporting and inspiring the students! Learning too, is easier together, is not it?

The “In my opinion” posts of the academic year can be read together here.

Here you can read details about the “In my opinion” program!

The winnings entries can be viewed on the website (the best ones are also available in English)!

You can watch the interview films (made) with the students on our YouTube channel!

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