Repairman training lecture in Jászberény



By the invitation of Liska József High School – one of the locations of APPLiA Hungary’s domestic appliance technician training – in Jászberény, Fanni Mészáros, the company manager of APPLiA Hungary, and service manager Tamás Madarász came to hold a lecture about the training to the 11th graders of the school.

After that, Fanni and Tamás visited Jászfényszaru as well, where the currently graduating students of the training were preparing for the practical exam. In the context of this, Tamás tested the students’ knowledge with cases taken from real life (customer service notifications), and Fanni occasionally played the role of the landlady whom the students had to question about the error they had experienced. By the time the participants of the event solved every problem, they all gained a lot of experience and knowledge. 😊

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