Repairman education challenges

The repairman training working group of APPLiA Hungary had an assembly on September 26, as well as on October 4.



To address several challenges, the colleagues tried to develop proposals for the legislator. What poses the biggest challenge at the moment is that the input options for the Household appliance service technician training, which is currently operating as an adult education course, as well as the Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump installation training which is also greatly important for manufacturers, were defined too narrowly by the legislator, when the previous National Register of Vocational Qualifications (“OKJ”) system has been revised. Thus, unfortunately, many colleagues and prospective students who wish to update and expand their knowledge fall out of the pool of possible students who would otherwise possess the adequate basic knowledge to complete the course.

Furthermore, the working group’s plans include the development of a new household appliance technician training course that would give the right to carry out installation activities under professional supervision within the framework of a shorter course.