Fanni Mészáros as head of the APPLiA Europe National Association Committee

The annual meeting of APPLiA Europe was held in Sofia from June 21 – 23, 2022. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, it was great to meet colleagues again and talk face-to-face about the main challenges facing the industry.



At the meeting of the National Association Committee, colleagues expressed their confidence in Fanni Mészáros, company manager of APPLiA Hungary, for another two years, so Fanni will continue to fill the position of President for the next period. She put it this way:

“We have an exciting two years ahead as our organization faces so many challenges. There is basically no regulation that affects the industry that is not currently under review or amendment, starting with waste regulations, energy labels, F-gas or the ecodesign regulation. Within the framework of the latter, the durability, repairability and the reduction of the environmental footprint of products will be regulated. Sustainable products and the circular economy are objectives that will have a major impact on future solutions and will impose significant tasks on manufacturers. However, I think that we need to achieve our goals together, because we can be much more effective if we are united. Besides producers, legislators, dealers, mechanics, waste processing operators and even consumers have their own tasks and challenges. I’m very happy that the training manual for repairman created by APPLiA Hungary has become known at European level and that in many countries future technicians can learn from it. As Chair of the National Association Committee, my objective is to continue to participate in the elaboration and implementation of solutions that bring us closer to achieving our goals, and that connect nations, industries and people. Our challenges are common, and we need to find solutions together! I hope that in 2024, when I step down, Budapest could host the APPLiA Europe Annual General Assembly. I have already indicated our invitation to Paolo Falcioni, our Director General” – concluded Fanni Mészáros.

Photos taken at the Sofia meeting can be viewed here. (The short film was made by Fanni.)

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