Electronic products

There is no doubt that the steps envisaged to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal will affect electronic appliances in several respects.


Since 1 March 2021, a new energy label has entered into force for certain appliances (refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, washing machines, dishwashers, washer-dryers). For these appliances, new ecodesign rules have also entered into force in parallel with the energy labelling legislation. On the one hand, these will be further changed with the entry into force of the ESPR (Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation), and on the other hand, new energy labels and ecodesign rules will also be introduced for the rest of the appliances. The Digital Product Passport will significantly extend consumer information. Beyond product design, the issue of repair and repairability will also require the active cooperation and awareness of consumers, as the way we use our appliances, whether we maintain them regularly, has and will have an impact on how durable they will be, when and why they will break down. Training for repairmen will also be an important challenge all over Europe, because it is pointless to want to repair if there are not enough qualified mechanics to help.

We all need to understand and accept that the implementation of the circular economy is not only up to the manufacturer, but that everyone has a role to play: the legislator, the manufacturer, the dealer, the waste manager… And, the consumer.

As the motto of APPLiA Hungary says: Let’s live smarter. It’s up to us and you too.