Batteries and light sources

Our electrical equipment may also contain batteries and accumulators. When becoming waste, batteries and accumulators are considered hazardous waste, so it is also important to take care of their selective collection.


However, before starting to disassemble the appliance, make sure you read the instructions for use and inform yourself about how to remove the battery/accumulator from the equipment. It can happen that the battery cannot be removed from a given device (e.g. for some mobile phones). If this is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use, under no circumstances should you try to remove it yourself, always follow the instructions for use specifications.

Place batteries and accumulators removed according to the instructions for use in the appropriate battery collection containers. Such collection containers can be found in many places, for example in larger shops, shopping centers selling electronic products. Used batteries and accumulators can also be dropped off at yards.

Light sources (old light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, energy-saving light bulbs, burners used in certain electronic equipment, etc.) require selective collection and environmentally sound processing, as is the case for electronic equipment.

Today, you can drop off used fluorescent tubes at most electronics specialist stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets.

This page corresponds to the fulfilment of the obligation to provide information provided for in subparagraphs a) and e) of Article 7 of Government Decree No. 197/2014 (VIII.1.) on waste management activities related to electrical and electronic equipment.