APPLiA Hungary professional day in Dánszentmiklós

On 10 November we spent a great APPLiA Hungary professional day with our colleagues at the Hotel Botanica in Dászentmiklós, 50kms from Budapest.


In the morning session we discussed the details of the new waste management system, which will start from the middle of next year, with the representatives of the Ministry of Technology and Industry and the concessor, the MOL Zrt.

In the afternoon, with the lead of the director general of APPLiA Europe, Mr. Paolo Falcioni, we discussed the major industry challenges, such as ESPR, Ecodesign for Susainable Product Regulation and F-gas regulation. We closed the professional program with a competition law training, led by our lawyer, dr. Balázs Csépai.

And once the wind drove us to Hotel Botanica, we also spiced up the day with an exciting botanical quiz, as a surprise.

We are grateful to our guests for honoring us with their presence, and to our host for the wonderful environment, attentiveness and kindness, and last but not least, the great gastronomic experience!